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Natural Healing

We are on a mission is to help you achieve ease in your body and mind.


With our expert chiropractors in New Milton, yoga therapy, mediation and physical rehabilitation we will ensure that you are taken care of and are back to your full physical and mental potential.

Still dealing with that long-term pain that causes you everyday stress and discomfort? Contact us today and start living your life with ease, not dis-ease tomorrow.

Our aim is to get you back to where you want to be

 - heal the body, heal the mind


How Can We Help


Chiropractic Care

Delicate chiropractic adjustments reestablish neuro-spinal function and advance natural healing. Great for neck pain, back pain, headaches and joint issues.


Needling and Fascia Release

Acupuncture needles are used to release muscular tensions. We also use a variety of fascial release techniques tailored for each client.

Taping a shoulder wound

Massage / K-Tape 

We use a variety of techniques to release tension and aid proper muscle function.

Kinesiology tape is often used to aid sports injuries.


Rehabilitation+ Yoga Therapy

Healing your body and mind through tailored yoga and physical rehab for physical ailments.  

1to1 and group classes available.

Meditation Bournemouth

+ Breathwork

A clear mind is a powerful mind. To help you achieve this, we offer breathwork and meditation with our patients to optimise their mind and body.

At Home

Home Call-Outs

Hectic schedules should not be in the way of accessing pain-relief. This is why we bring our services to you.

“Josh always puts everyone at ease and goes above and beyond with his care. Realignment through his chiropractic skills complimented with his passion and knowledge of yoga. It's a full-body, mind, energy workout with homework for you to take away to bring you back to balance. Can't recommend Josh highly enough.” 


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New Milton

115 Old Milton Rd

BH25 6DP

Tuesday: 1pm - 8pm

Wednesdays: 11am-5:30pm

Friday: 1pm-6:30pm

About Dr Joshua Sparks

Doctor of Chiropractic and Experienced Yoga Instructor

Josh takes great joy in seeing people free themselves from their own physical or mental struggles. Empowering everyone to start their own health journey. 


In Dorset, Josh lives life to the full enjoying hiking, surfing, rock-climbing, cycling, skating and slack-lining. But with his increase of movements came increase of injuries. This lead Josh down a path of healing and body awareness. 


Josh began his education into Natural Healing in 2016 after a trip to India. On completing his Yoga Teacher Training he launched “Yoga with Josh” and ran the University of South Wales Yoga Society and shared his teachings across South Wales in a variety of different settings. He then returned to India in 2019 to further develop his knowledge and philosophy of health and happiness. After experiencing the profound healing qualities of this esoteric practise on his students and himself, Josh then moved his classes to one of a therapeutic nature. Teaching the elderly, the injured and the disabled.

Graduating from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic allows Josh to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and better treat his patients with more success. Josh has worked in Chiropractic clinics in Cornwall and Dorset and now operates services through The Amethyst Caves and home call-outs.


His obsession with functionality, optimum health and wellbeing is carried through into every patient’s treatment. The balance of an evidence-based approach along with ancient techniques allows great understanding of the body, breath and mind.


Josh has now helped 1000’s of people across the UK, abroad, care homes and more. He takes great pride in choosing the perfect blend of interventions to help someone achieve greatness. Whether that be clearing an old injury or learning to calm the mind. 


After his last 10-day silent meditation, Josh gained true insight into the multifactorial aspects of health and ease of spirit. This lead to the birth of Natural Healing, with its goal to provide the best care and holistic approach to bringing people of the community in balance in their body and mind. 


Graduate Masters in Chiropractic - USW

Level 1 Medical Accupuncture

200HR Yoga Teacher Training - Shiva Yoga Peeth 

300HR Yoga teacher Training - AYM

Kinesiology Taping  level 1

Vipassana Silent Meditation - IMC

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New Milton

181 Seabourne Rd


115 Old Milton Rd

BH25 6DP

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Wednesdays: 11am-5:30pm

Friday: 1pm-6:30pm