Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic philosophy is one based on restoring the normal function of the spine thus allowing the nervous system to operate at its best and maximise your healing potential. 

Chiropractic assessment and treatment is at the forefront of our care. Your body may be hindering you from walking, gardening or doing whatever it is you love. With the use of gentle chiropractic adjustments we can restore normal spinal movement. Chiropractic helps with neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches, stress and sport injuries.

Dry Needling / Fascia Release / Massage / K-Tape

We pride ourselves on using a range of techniques that can be adapted for each person. We use dry needles to help the fascia and muscles let-go of the tension they are holding. For those not keen on needles, we use guasha and other muscle release techniques to aid relaxation and restore normal muscle movement.

K tape is a supportive elastic tape used in mainly sporting injuries but sometimes used to help to recovery on a variety of conditions.


YogaTherapy / Physical Rehab

Our motto with sharing yoga is:

'we re-frame the way you think about yoga’.

Yoga over the recent years has developed into an over-glamorised form of movement. However yoga goes far deeper than that. Yoga is for any body and has profound effects on the body and mind.

We believe in tailoring yoga and movement therapy for you. If you have ever been to a yoga class and not enjoyed  it that’s because you’ve gone to the wrong class or the wrong teacher. Yoga is an ancient technique used to reduce the tension in the body and mind so that the true self can shine. We pick specific poses for you so that you can get the most out of your session. We also use traditional movement and physical therapy when needed to rehabilitate the body so that your body works at its optimum.


Meditation + Breathwork

Meditation is difficult and the simplicity of it, is often what puts people off. However meditation doesn’t have to be chanting, holding hands in circles and all the stigma associated with it. We use meditation techniques in conjunction with our therapies to reduce mental tension associated with pains and dis-ease. Breath-work is also very powerful and there are hundreds of techniques. However, we chose the right meditation and breath work for your character type and situation so that you can make positive changes to your wellbeing.


Home Call-outs

All our services can be provided on a home call-out basis to fit in with your busy life. Just get in touch to make an arrangement for our home services.